OUTREACH EXCURSION - an official workshop of the Monroe Institute

This two-day adventure into expanded states of awareness facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition, and communication with the higher self and related energies. For more information about this workshop and others offered by The Monroe Institute go to

Excursion 2 Personal Development offers tools and excercises to facilitate the creation of a more fulfilled , happy, and satisfying life.

Excursion 2 Inner Development is designed to facilitate finding answers to life's bigger questions. Providing tools that can lead each person along his own personal path, opening doors, deepening the experience of life.

Excursion 2 Healing Development  is designed to enhance healing skills of different types of therapists, also for those dealing with health challenges, and those interested in tools to maintain there own health and well being.T

My workshops are intended to give you a chance to explore more of your total self and use this new information to enhance your life and reach your highest potential.  In every workshop I utilize a unique sound technology called HemiSync. 

To learn more about HemiSync and purchase HemiSync products by click the link below: